Dellenbaugh Women’s (4/2-4/3)

            On a bleak Thursday evening, after struggling for several hours to put the pier in on Mendota, five honey badgers (Laura Wefer, Jen Burke, Kate Klement, Katie Hall, and Maggie Houtz) piled into a cozy Chevy Impala, and began the trek to Chicago to stay the night at Jen Burke’s house.  The next morning, after enjoying a few bagels each, the ladies started the far longer trek to Providence, Rhode Island for the Dellenbaugh Women’s Trophy.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early, and when the team rolled up to Edgewood Yacht Club, they were extremely excited about the on-again-off-again showers, nippy temperature, glassy lake… and postponement.  The day was spent appreciating the Providence architecture, listening to music, and relaxing in the car until about 3:30 in the afternoon, when the breeze filled in and A division was sent out to try to complete some races.  By the end of the day, Laura Wefer and Jen Burke had completed four races in A-division, while Kate Klement and Katie Hall finished three races in B-division.

Since the forecast predicted it was gonna be windy Sunday, the girls sat down to eat hefty portions of Italian food for dinner in what was clearly the hangout spot for Providence’s elderly residents.  After topping the night off with a visit to Froyo World, the sailors went to bed early to get some rest for Sunday.

The report time for day two was moved earlier, in hopes of making up for the lackluster breeze the day before.  However, the sailors were quickly put in holding again, due to the heavy blizzard and gale force winds ripping across the Providence River.  After about an hour and a half, the conditions were deemed manageable and the sailors were sent out.  The rest of the day passed slowly, with the race committee trying to send sailors out in the safest possible conditions.  Unfortunately, they were only able to get off two B-Division races and one A-division race on Sunday, due to extremely gusty winds and freezing temps.

So, after completing a satisfyingly large number of races in each division (five), the Honey Badgers got back into the Impala and began the long, long drive back to Madison.  This regatta proved to our sailors how important it is to be flexible and sail well in any weather conditions, and despite the conditions, many laughs were had by all! Thanks to everyone who helped make this regatta happen, and also to Rob Migliaccio for taking some awesome photos of the event!

Northwestern Spring (4/2-4/3)

A van and car full of eager young (and young at heart) sailors departed from Madison Friday evening, eager to mingle with their MCSA friends that they hadn’t seen since the Midwinter’s banquet. Saturday morning we awoke to some scattered snow showers and lots of breeze on Lake Michigan. The race committee decided to send B division out first since the wind was forecasted to build throughout the day.  Our B squad of Badgers Red: Korbin Kierstead and Emily Anaya, and Badgers White: Annie Sullivan and Cara Hanson hit the water.  They sailed a solid set in heavy, shifty breeze and came in to rotate as the snow subsided.  A division went out with Charlie Kutschenreuter and Korina Hendricks in Badger Red, and Carolyn Keck and Tyler Leach in Badger White. Our A sailors were feeling out the consistent 20+mph breeze when suddenly a huge gust came that capsized half of the fleet before the RC could even begin a sequence.  The Badgers remained upright however and sailed safely back to shore as instructed.  Rescue efforts continued to save sailors from the frigid Lake Michigan water. Racing was cancelled for the rest of Saturday, and later that evening they cancelled racing for Sunday as well.  Our teams were disappointed about not getting to sail anymore, but still enjoyed their time in Evanston getting Cozy Noodles for dinner and hanging out with the MCSA before heading back to Madison Sunday morning.

St. Mary’s Women’s (3/19-3/20)

    The women of the Wisconsin sailing team began their spring break at St. Mary’s College of Maryland Interconference Women’s regatta March 19-20th. The weather was inclement but the racing was efficient and orderly. Laura Wefer and Jen Burke, sailing A’s, began the regatta in the 420 and sailed consistently in their first 9 races, ending the first day in the top half of the fleet. Sailing B’s, Leslie Poole with crews Korina Hendricks and Amelia Shankwitz, started in the FJ in the considerable breeze on Saturday, staying competitive with the fleet and making progress throughout the day.

    The second day was considerably less sailing with only 6 races left to finish the regatta. The Honey Badgers persevered through the chilled rain and ended the event in 14th; A’s finishing in 4th and B’s finishing 17th. Everyone was excited to join the rest of the team in Florida for the remainder of break after a cold weekend of sailing at St. Mary’s.

Coed Spring Intersectional (3/12-3/13)

The sun was setting over Madison, WI as a black van driven by Korina “that’s easy” Hendricks rolled up to houses for pickups, and after numerous fun-filled hours, the fog settled in as Soren “Mrs. Trebek” Walljasper and Charles “I sail on lakes” Bocklet drove the vehicle into Cincinnati to spend the night at the Florentino’s. After a winding drive through easily one of the top five oldest mountain ranges, the team arrived in easily one of the top five Carolinas with great ideas for dinner. After sitting down at the wrong restaurant and ordering water, the team got some great seafood next door.

Saturday morning, the sailors came across two things that they hadn’t seen in several months: the sun and open water. There was lots of current and little wind, but after being taken out of postponement, division A (Charles and Maggie “van mom” Houtz) went out in z420’s and division B (Soren and Caya “the dreamer” McFalls) went out in FJ’s. The breeze picked up to an intimidating 4 knots while the sun continued to burn their white pasty flesh at a balmy temperature of 80 degrees.  The racing was so wonderful that each division was able to sail 10 races. Wisco ended the day in sixth place (tied with Navy for fifth).

After soothing their burns in a cold shower, the team donned their Land’s EndÆ polos and hit the town. Soren decided not to participate and wear his armpit-airvent flannel. After some good southern cooking from Kickin’ Chickin’ (recommended through a car window by our new friends Grace and Holly from the Charleston team), the team wandered around downtown Charleston. They ended the night with some tasty gelato and headed back to the hotel, all tuckered out.

Sunday morning, after recovering from daylight savings confusion, the team was skeptical of the 9 gusting to 20 forecast. They arrived at the site to something similar to the forecast, and Erik “that one time in Iceland” Elliot crewed for Charles in division A and Korina, “the dreamer squared,” crewed for Soren in division B. The team sailed well in each of their four races and ended the regatta in 7th. The team was able to get on the road by 12 to make it back for Erik and Charles’ review session!

Navy Women’s Spring (3/12-3/13)

    On Friday March 11 the Honey Badgers set out for Annapolis, MD to compete at Navy Women’s Spring Invitational. They arrived in Annapolis around 8pm and were met by Noelle, Buster the dog and Batman the cat. After a long day of travel, the Honey Badgers were able to get in a bit of homework and a full nights sleep prior to racing Saturday morning.

    Saturday morning the Honey Badgers set off for Navy jacked up and ready to go. Senior Katie Hall controlled the tunes that morning and talked the girls through a Sandstorm before Amelia introduced the group to “Me, Myself and I” by G-eazy. Upon arrival there was a light breeze that had potential to die. After rigging the boats and launching, the group was called back to the basin and put under postponement. Half hour after half hour postponement continued. The Honey Badgers took this time to explore the campus and go on an extended walk/run. At 3:30 the girls were treated to a BBQ provided by Navy and sailing was called for the day with no races sailed.

    Sunday the girls returned to Navy with high hopes for the day! Unfortunately there was no breeze. After waiting in postponement all morning, around 12:15 a light breeze filled the river and the boats were sent out on the water. A total of 5 races were sailed Sunday afternoon in a light, shifty, breeze. The Honey Badgers finished in 8th overall out of 19, with Junior Kate Klement and Senior Katie Hall finishing in 6th place in B division.