FALL 2018

Susan Rogers Memorial (10/6 – 10/7)
After last weekend’s learning experience at St. Mary’ the Honey Badgers were excited to see if the weeks practice they put in paid off at the Susan Rodger’s 75’ Memorial Regatta at Cornell college this past weekend. Skipping A’s this weekend was Erin Sullivan with crews Emma Zalog and Alise Mintz and skipping B’s was Caroline Skotarzak with her crew Anna Graves. We left Friday morning for a lovely 12.5 hour drive through prime leaf season on the east coast. Day one had a nice southeast breeze, steady and generally easy to spot puffs but the shifts were difficult for boats to predict due to the close by shore lines and the lag time it took for the breeze to come over the trees. We sailed 4 sets of 3 races that day (so 12). As day one came to an end we had a yummy dinner, took a tour of Cornell’s beautiful campus, and laid down for a good night’s rest. Day two was supposed to be very light until the breeze shook the world and come HARD out of the north down the very long finger lake, Cayuga, creating massive waves for the Mendota sailors to try and navigate their way through. They only had one set schedules for day two so we crushed out the three races with great finishes by our sailors. Cornell had a different way of scoring than most collegiate racing. Both fleets sailed together all as one due to the regatta only having 8 team and being able to sail in there fleet of 420’s. Our honey badgers were happy with their finishes. Erin Sullivan, Emma Zalog, and Alise Mintz finished 8thoverall and Caroline Skotarzak and Anna Graves finished 14thoverall with a team score as 4th. Still much to learn but we can see improvements.

Pere Marquette (9/29 – 9/30)
This past weekend, 3 berths of Wisconsin sailors traveled to Milwaukee Yacht Club to compete in the Pere Marquette Regatta. Saturday’s conditions were very light and the whole fleet was moved out past the break wall for some very “light and lumpy” conditions. The Wisco Red team, comprised of all freshmen, took an early lead and stayed in first the entire weekend. Wisco Red was led by Christian Spencer and Jonathan Bailey in the skipper positions and Katie Carlson and Michael Lively as their crews. Moral support was provided by spike ball enthusiast/heavy crew/domino builder Thomas Kelly. Not far behind them in second all weekend was Wisco White: Jack Behrend, Rachel Zimdars, Peter Sauer, Erik Sundberg, and their trusty heavy crew Zach Childs. Wisco Black ended Saturday in fourth behind Minnesota but went to bed knowing the gophers were going home crying the next day. After finishing 4 races in A and B divisions, all three berths headed to dinner at Camino and enjoyed some thick burgers.

Sunday began with some nice consistent breeze but that didn’t last very long. Wisco Black composed of Patrick Schmidt, Kate Britt, Jack Barnes, Christopher Selzer and Zach Miller, kept their eye on the prize (seeing the gophers cry) and made some moves. Patrick Schmidt and Christopher Selzer secured a first place in the 3rd race of the day and beat Minnesota by one point overall. After 8 completed races, Wisconsin took home all of the awards given out. Jonathan Bailey and Michael Lively won 1st in B division, Christian Spencer and Katie Carlson won 1st in A division, and then all three Wisco teams took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall. Because of this win, Wisconsin secured a second berth at Fall Champs in November!

Womens Showcase (9/29 – 9/30)
This weekend the honey badgers traveled to St Marys, Maryland to compete in women’s showcase B. Representing A division was skipper Cailin Considine and crew Coco Collins, in B division Erin Sullivan, Anna Thickens and Larissa Carroll made their debut as a trio. Unfortunately, due to illness this trio was broken up and Larissa joined Cailin in A division. The honey badgers began their journey in DC on friday. Allowing us to make a pit stop and tour our nation’s capital. While in D.C. we received some clarity from the one and only Claire Dennis (shown in solo shot to the right). After our D.C shenanigans the honey badgers were stoked for the abysmal wind report that proved itself true. After 8 hours of SLOW sailing, day 1 ended with A division having 5 races and B division having 4.  Sunday the honey badgers returned, on time, to a disappointing wind forecast yet again. After two races in each division, A and B division both returned to the water. Upon returning to the water the RC made the executive decision to give the hardworking sailors some R&R, letting us float for two hours:)…. While the honey badgers may have thought they were heading home early they instead received some rays that were unavailable in the Midwest. However, around 2pm the breeze filled in stronger than it had been ALL weekend (the crews even sat on the rail!!!). Within the hour that remained the RC’s got off 2 races for the A division and 3 for the B’s. The honey badgers remained enthusiastic due to a strong supply of pocket taffy. Coming out of the weekend all 5 of us felt the results did not show our potential but we learned a lot and now know what each boat has to work on to continue improving.  As one team member said, “I didn’t know how hard it was to sail in light wind”, Larissa Carroll (heavy crew).

A HUGE thank you to Katrina and Brendan for allowing us to stay with them and providing home baked goods. Additional thank yous to Cailin Considine’s mom for supplying brownies, Kate cox for ensuring the honey badgers remained on time, and Claire Dennis for answering our desperate phone calls for help! 

Great Lakes Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta (9/15 – 9/16):
One of the most prestigious events in collegiate yachting took place this past weekend at the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club out on the big pond. The Badgers stepped away from the dinghy’s and set sail on a 33-foot hog called the Tartan 10. If some of you aren’t familiar with this pristine one-design racing vessel, here are some fast facts: keel type=lead; sail area=486.72ft2; Draft (max.) = 1.78m. The T-10 class is unlike any other as it has seen the names of Sean Connery, Taylor Canfield, and Jimmy Buffett take the helm over the years. The Great Lakes Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta hosted 19 teams this year, two of which were from Wisconsin. Team comradery was at an all time high as the Honey Badgers, skippered by Senior Phenom Carolyn Keck, got the opportunity to dance against the audacious red shirt transfer, William Huerth. Prior to this event, both teams got the chance to hone in their keelboat skills from one of the finest pherf racers in the Dane county area, Mr. David Elsmo. His tutelage is second to none, as he assisted in the development of our onboard communication, boat speed, and tactical maneuvers. The first day of racing consisted of light and variable winds out of the northeast with minimal wave action. The breeze was down and the mood was tense, but Senior Tactician, Scott Sullivan rallied the troops and helped them lay down an absolute clinic winning three out of four races on day 1. The Honey badgers had a ~fun~ combination of born and bred scow sailors, dinghy sailors, and keelboat sailors on board, which made for interesting conversations about boat speed, tactics, and maneuvers. However, the differences in experience only benefitted them in the end, and they finished out the regatta in 4th place overall (just narrowly missing 3rd due to an unfortunate U-Flag situation).

Streufert Team Race (9/15 – 9/16):
The MCSA got its first look at Wisco’s freshman class at the Struefert Teamrace regatta, hosted by Minnesota at the Wayzata Community Sailing Center. On Sept. 22nd, Freshman skippers Jono Bailey, Sam Bartel and Doug Wake made their debut with 12 straight wins against Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Marquette. The 8-15 knot wind came with dense shifty puffs, perfect for our four heavy crews Zach Childs, Thomas Kelly, Eric Sundberg and Pat Stiles. Starting the day off with a 4-5-6 against Minnesota 1, the team woke up at the last windward leg and turned it into a 1-3-4 by the finish. From then on, Wisco relied on speed, but experimented with mark traps and aggressive starts. The seven guys put the hammer down, and came away excited to have made new friends in the MCSA. We give special thanks to the Minnesota team and the Bartel family for hosting us Saturday and Sunday.