FALL 2017

Wisco Women’s (10/21/17 – 10/22/17)

The Wisco Women’s regatta this year showed the best that Madison has to offer! Saturday was unseasonably warm and sunny, and the southern breeze brought big shifts and huge puffs. A Division skipper Andrea Sullivan with crews Maggie Houtz and Charlie Childs and B Division skipper Katy Zimmerman with crew Nastya May and Rebekah Janssen had a fantastic weekend for Wisco Red, coming in first overall! Sailing Wisco White was A Division skipper Cailin Considine with crews Coco Collins and Sydney Sauer and B Division skipper Caroline Skotarzak with crew Alise Mintz and Emily Anaya came in second overall, close behind Wisco Red. It was a weekend full of many conditions; everyone got a chance to hit the water, there were capsizes, and even tacking duels between teammates. The wind was shifty and variable but spirits were high and everyone had a blast. Go Go Wisco!!

Truxton Umsted (10/14/17 – 10/15/17)

After a fun Thursday night, the team left in two sedans for the 4 division Trux regatta at the Naval Academy. Olivia Staruck, Tye Ruban, Erin Sullivan, and Thomas Kelly drove down in car 1, and Noah Janssen, Bri Probst, and Zach Miller in car 2. The team stayed at Tye’s family’s house in Arnold, Annapolis where we swam in the Severn River and warmed up in the hot tub. The sailing was sub-par at the regatta, where the light wind, washing machine chop, and top notch competition challenged the rookie squad. Noah, the only upperclassmen on the trip, skippered in A’s with Bri. While Tye and Zach rotated skippering with Olivia in B’s. Erin and Tk sailed the radial and full rig lasers with little to no experience, but stuck with the fleets and each pulled out a couple mid-fleet races. The team kept morale high by making new friends, having a good sense of humor, and exploring Annapolis for dinner!

David Lee Arnoff Trophy (10/7/17 – 10/8/17)

The David Lee Arnoff regatta was held at Hobart and William Smith on October 7th and 8th. Will Huerth, Anna Thickens and Alise Mintz sailed in A’s, with Tommy G, Katharine Madigan, and Thomas Kelly in B’s. The team arrived Friday night, warmly welcomed by their friends on the Hobart team. Feeling great Saturday morning, the light wind crews saddled up for the small breeze coming in from the south over the 38-mile Lake Seneca. The Wisco sailor’s intimidation for their varsity competition quickly subsided once they found their groove on the first day. While frustrated with the initial results, the morale was high and our two inland skippers were incredibly driven. On the second day, the wind was building and came right off-shore over a huge hill. The shifty conditions were tough to sail in, but favored Tommy G and Will’s lake sailing experience. Both improved with each race, and came away from the regatta excited to sign up for more trips out east.

Navy Women’s Fall (10/7/17 – 10/8/17)

It was a Friday Morning when six Honey Badgers hit the road towards Annapolis, Maryland for Navy Fall Women’s (now renamed the Jen Harris Navy Fall Women’s). After classic miscommunication with Fleet and DOA, the ladies got a late start and set off in two mid-sized sedans, again. Lots of snacks and low maintenance vibes were the only things keeping us all sane throughout the journey. Late Friday evening we arrived to warm pizza and hilarious stories from our Navy family, Jana and Larry Kennedy. Jan and Lar fueled our bodies as we saddled up for a weekend full of wind and waves. A-Division Carolyn Keck, Bri Probst and Larissa Carroll, B-Division Annie Sullivan and Maggie Houtz and C-Division Erin Sullivan arrived to tough conditions on Saturday consisting of high winds out of the east and insane chop from wind and huge boats going half-throttle right through the race course. Though the circumstances were not in our favor, the team pulled out numerous top 10 finishes and were sitting in 14th going into day 2. The next day brought same sized waves with much less wind which made it hard to push through the frustrating chop. Erin made huge improvements sailing a few top 10’s in the Laser, Carolyn and Larissa sailed a solid 5th place finish in A Division, and Annie and Maggie threw down a race win! Morale was boosted, but unfortunately our place was not. We finished in 14th overall and immediately hit the road towards Madison.

Match Race Quals (10/7/17 – 10/8/17)

After a grueling week of The Biggest Loser – Wisco Sailing Edition, the team set out for Sheboygan, Wisconsin with the coach boat in tow. Upon hearing the news that weigh-ins were to happen immediately upon arrival, Dave put his pedal to the metal. After a successful weigh-in the team did their best to gain back the seven pounds that they were under-weight before hitting the water for a Friday evening practice in Sonars. A feast awaited the team at the Wake’s house where they prepared for a forecasted wild day on the water.

Saturday morning arrived and the team was greeted with rainy conditions with highs in the low 60’s and gusts into the mid 20’s. After some wise words from Coach Dave, the team set out to win the day. Senior Cabell Sitter took the tiller and led the team of Junior Cailin Considine on main, Senior Erik Elliott in the pit, and Junior Alex Campbell on the bow, out into the six-foot swells. Wisco came out guns blazing with a resounding victory over Michigan. After that followed wins against Ohio, Marquette, and Michigan State. The first test for the team came against Northwestern. After a close race, the Wildcats unfortunately edged the Badgers out at the end. To rebound from a difficult loss, the Badgers threw down a crush start against Minnesota. As the team fought to maintain the advantage in the grueling conditions, the inevitable occurred. Minnesota’s tiller cleaved into two and the team was given redress for a re-race the next day. Saturday gave the green faced and seasick team harsh conditions but they persevered by cowboying through adversity and puking over the side while surfing waves into the entry box.

Sunday morning the team showed up in style, rocking pink short-sleeve bangers for breast cancer (button-up shirts). The team struggled in the new and ideal conditions the next day, losing close races to Minnesota and Michigan. After a refocus and re-evaluation they picked it up and threw down some decisive wins. The final race of the 2nd round robin pitted Wisconsin against Northwestern. Wanting revenge, Wisco murdered Northwestern at the start and extended the lead into a qualifying spot for the finals. Unfortunately, Wisco could not carry the momentum through until the end, losing two photo-finish races to Michigan in the finals. Wisconsin finished 2nd overall, missing out on the qualifying spot for Nationals. The team learned a tremendous amount and everyone is looking forward to continuing match racing, either through Wisco or after college. Congratulations to Michigan for qualifying and good luck at Nationals!

Pere Marquette (9/30/17 – 10/1/17)

Over the weekend eleven sailors from Wisco headed to Milwaukee, WI to compete in the Pere Marquette regatta. On Saturday, the wind was light but teams were on edge to get out on the water. A division was able to get in 9 races, while B division got in 8. At the beginning of the day, Wisco 1A skipper Tommy G and crew Katharine Madigan started off in the front of the pack and ended the day with five first place finishes! Wisco 2B Peter Sauer and Robin Ritchey rallied back after an OCS to end the day with three first place finishes. Off the water, heavy crews stayed busy socializing, watching badger football, and going on unplanned adventures. At the end of the night, the Wisco team got together in MKE for a team dinner. 

Sunday morning was a surprised with a big wind increase of around 13-15 knots, allowing the heavy crew members Zach Childs and Thomas Kelly to show their skills on the water. Only 4 races for B division and 2 races for A division were sailed on Sunday, but Wisco 2A skipper Patrick Schmidt and crew Jack Barnes started the day off with a first place and second place finish despite a skewed race course. Wisco 1B Katy Zimmerman and Thomas Kelly had 2 top three finishes as well. To end the weekend, Wisco 1 and 2 had first and second place finishes respectively in division A, and Wisco 1 and 2 had first and fourth place finishes respectively in division B. Overall Wisco 2 sealed a third place ranking with Wisco 1 placing first and winning Pere Marquette!

Danmark Trophy (9/30/17 – 10/1/17)

It was a Thursday night after race day when five badgers hopped into a spaciously stow’n’goed dodge caravan, ready for 16 hours of eastbound fun. A-Division Charlie Kutschenreuter, Olivia Staruck, and Hayden Frentzel and B-Division Annie Sullivan and Erik Elliott set out towards New London, CT for the 75th annual Danmark Trophy. We hit the road around 7pm and sent it to Perrysburg, Ohio for the night. While approaching, dark cornfields and a lack of street lights caused a loss of hope but suddenly the Travel Inn appeared and a cozy night’s stay awaited. Friday night we arrived in Connecticut pumped for some tough ICSA sailing and treated ourselves to fine local dining, fish fry and milkshakes. The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms and crisp fall temperatures on Saturday. Both divisions were focused on good starts to stay with the competitive fleet while maintaining good boat speed in the shifty and puffy conditions on the Thames River. While dodging storm cells all day, both fleets sailed 8 competitive races. Saturday after racing we fueled ourselves with Italian cuisine and spent the night watching Bridesmaids and relaxing. On Sunday after 10 hours of sleep, we arrived at Coast Guard to warmer weather and sunny skies with a much more consistent breeze direction out of the North. We sailed 5 races before racing was postponed and eventually abandoned for the day because of dying breeze and an inconsistent direction. Despite the tough sailing, the badgers were able to keep her movin’ throughout the regatta and take back lots of new skills and learning moments to the rest of the Wisco team.

GLIOR (9/23/17 – 9/24/17)

This past weekend was different change in pace for some of the Wisconsin Sailing Team. Six racers travelled down to Corinthian Yacht Club to compete in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta. 15 schools took to the starting line in Tarton 10s, a 35-foot keel boat with a symmetrical spinnaker. We put a team together about a week in advance. The crew consisted of Scotty Sullivan on main, Soren Hughes on Jib, Alex Campbell on spinnaker, Jonathan Thickens dancing on bow, and slippery Ari Tessitore running the tapes in the squirrel position. Every single one of these guys were absolutely flawless throughout the regatta. The boat practically steered itself, I barely touched the helm. Despite our inexperience racing these big keel boats, the team got the kinks out early and figured out how to put that 7,000 lb beast into high gear. Special thanks to boat owner, Michael Better and Assistant Coach Adam for teaching us how to put her on the breeze. These guys provided the whole team with some really great feedback that allowed us to snag two race wins. As a team, we had one motto going into the weekend, that motto was “Keep Her Ripping.” The breeze was fairly light throughout the regatta, around 7-10kts with minimal waves. We knew these boats took some time to get going so we constantly worked hard to keep her on her feet. Since there was very little to no room for gains up and down the race course, the starts were very crucial. By the end of the regatta, everyone aboard was communicating really well. Everybody was dialed in and the boat felt great. After 7 close races, we ended up taking home the bronze, 7 points out of 1st. GLIOR was a phenomenal event and really has us wanting more off shore racing opportunities like this in the collegiate circuit. OnWISCONSIN and remember to always keep her ripping.

St. Mary’s Fall Interconference (9/23/17 – 9/24/17)

After a rolling start race day, six of the best-looking people on the Wisconsin Sailing team headed to the south side of Chicago to stay at Noah Janssen’s aunt’s house. Because of their good looks and great humor, they were greeted with ice cream, that proceeded to give JT lots of weird dreams. The next morning, the team sent it all the way to Maryland. Many cows were married but most of them buried, leaving Carolyn Keck as the champion of “My Cows”. Carolyn got the deal of the century on a Holiday Inn Express only 8 miles from the site that had complimentary breakfast.

Saturday morning was pretty light wind, but after an extended lunch and spike ball break, the wind picked up and the heavy crews, Erik Elliot and Thomas Kelly, got their chance to shine. Competition was tough and both fleets had a lot of close finishes. That night, the team enjoyed too many breadsticks at Olive Garden and fell asleep to the third Indiana Jones. The breeze didn’t pick up Sunday morning until around 11:00. A division, Carolyn and Emma Zalong, were able to get a set in but B division, Noah and Kate Britt had to abandon the 2nd race of their set. As A division and TK enjoyed a nice swim in the river, B division was sent out to attempt to finish their set, only to have their race abandoned at the 2-minute warning during the starting sequence. “I had a lot of fun at my first ICSA regatta. It was my first time in an FJ but I picked it up as quickly as possible. I am looking forward to getting back to Mendota to practice more roll tacks and perfect my jib trim”, says Freshman Kate Britt.

Nevin’s Trophy (9/16/17 – 9/17/17) 

It was Thursday, September 14th and six homeless Wisco sailors departed from Madison, Wisconsin en route to Kings Point, NY to sail in the Nevin’s Trophy regatta. There were 3 division including 420s, FJs, and a lonely laser. After a brief trip to Chicago the first night and a pleasant stay with the Honey Badgers at Noah’s aunt’s house, the team powered up and hammered out the remaining 12 hour drive. Thanks to Zach Miller’s home roots as a FIB, Bri and the boiz arrived promptly at the Bocklet’s ocean-side house at approximately 8:30pm on Friday night. To our pleasant surprise, there was a pizza party, fresh clams, and grilled jalapenos with Joe Kutsch and Molly Forbes (whom TK thought was really hot), waiting for the team when we got there.

As per usual, Wisco arrived promptly at Merchant Marine Academy early on Saturday morning. Despite the bleak forecast, there were ten races sailed across all divisions in 5-7 knots with increasing current throughout the day. The competition was tough, but the team progressed and learned from guest coaches Joe Kutsch and Molly Forbes. After a long day of racing, the team returned to the Bocklet’s house where we were once again provided with an abundance of food. Thanks to our guest coaches, we had a quick debrief and turned in for an early night to prepare for Sunday.

Day 2 came with plenty of food, but little wind. After a brief postponement, the breeze filled in to nearly identical conditions as the previous day and all divisions got in another 5 races. Overall, the conditions presented to the Badgers were difficult and unlike the Midwest. We gained lots of insight and are excited to return to Wisconsin with emphases for practice on boat speed and minimizing mistakes. The sailors would like to extend a huge thank you to Noah’s aunt, the Bocklets, Joe, and Molly for all of their hospitality, support, and insight. And as always, Go Go Wisco!


Streufert Team Race (9/16/17 – 9/17/17)

The University of Minnesota hosted the Streufert 3×3 TR on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka this past weekend. While the Minnesota team was setting up and preparing for the regatta, fleet vehicle vans were zipping around Madison, collecting sailors from their respective lectures halls and homes. Soon the sailors were on the road moving towards Culvers at the speed limit.

Day 1 of the regatta consisted of a great breakfast of bagels and a skippers meeting around 9. Soon the Wisco sailors were on the water with the first warning at 10. Wisco was split into two teams at the local target the day before Team Cat Pinnies and Team Wolf Pinnies, but unfortunately, there was not enough time to change the titles in tech score so official records show Wisco 1 and Wisco 2. Day 1 was gusty in the morning with oscillations that kept the Wisco sailors on their toes. About halfway through the day, a mild storm forced the regatta into postponement as the system passed the sailors enjoyed some BBQ and discussion of tactics going into the rest of the regatta. After the system passed, it was time for the most important race of the day the Wisco 1 vs. Wisco 2 matchup. Nearly 10 minutes in the fleet was rounding the upwind marks with Wisco 2 holding a dangerous 2-3-5 combination over Wisco 1. As the boats drifted into the downwind leg, the RC decided to abandon the race due to lack of wind. Day 1 then ended with all three vans driving to Olivia’s House, thanks for hosting Olivia!

Day 2 started with a chilly morning forcing sailors into spray gear and aerobics to stay warm. The day began with the Wisco 1 vs. Wisco 2 the race that was abandoned the day prior. Wisco 2 pulled a narrow win on Wisco 1 energizing both teams throughout the rest of the day. Races were completed so quickly that the regatta ended before 1 pm even with three full Round Robins! Wisco 1 placed in 3rd overall with a 5-7 record and Wisco 2 placed 4th overall with a 4-8 record. The sailors, Katherine Zimmerman, Scott Sazama, Anastasiya May, Charlie Childs, Patrick Schmidt, Collette Collins, Hayden Frentzel, Robin Ritchey, Christopher Selzer, Jonathan Thickens, Kate Britt, Logan Pearlman, Peter Sauer, Tye Rubin, Caroline Skotarzak, Rebekah Janssen, Anna Thickens, and Zach Childs, all then attended the awards ceremony before hopping back into vans for the ride home. The ride home started the same way the trip to the regatta started, a movement towards Culvers at the speed limit.

Fall Fury (9/9/17 – 9/10/17)

After an exciting first week of practice welcoming the new freshmen and sailing in our brand-new fleet of 420 Es, the Wisconsin Sailing Team was ready to host the first inter-conference regatta of the year: Fall Fury. With over 14 teams coming from all over the Midwest, we were able to get in 12 quality races in both A and B division. Special thanks to our PRO Kate Klement for running an efficient and fun regatta!

 On Saturday, temperatures were in the high 60s and sunny. The breeze started out light and shifty in the morning with an east wind that built to 8 knots by the afternoon. A division got off 8 races on Saturday and B division finished 6. After a long day of racing, sailors were excited to head back to their respective houses and relax for the night. On Sunday morning, sailors were greeted with similar temperatures and wind conditions with a southeast breeze that made rotations a little bit more difficult than on Saturday. Despite these challenges, B division started off the day and got in 6 races, while A division finished off the regatta with 4 races.

 Wisco 1, with Charlie Kutsch, Olivia Staruck, Bri Probst, Noah Janssen, and Alex Campbell, finished the regatta in 4th place following Wisco 2 in 3rd place with sailors Carolyn Keck, Emma Zalong, Larissa Caroll, Erin Sullivan, Katharine Madigan, and Charlie Childs. The University of Northwestern placed 2nd and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee took 1st after impressive wins in both A and B division. Fall Fury was a great chance to show off our new boats, shake off the rust, and learn what we need to improve on for the rest of the fall season. Overall, both sailors and volunteers alike had a great weekend in the sunny weather. Another huge thanks to Hayden Frentzel, Tom Groskopf, and Kate Klement for making this regatta run so smoothly.