FALL 2015

Fall Championship (11/14-11/15)

    Three Wisco teams made the trip out to Northwestern for the Fall Champs on November 14th and 15th. Wisco Red was Soren Walljasper, Korina Hendricks, Charlie Kutschenreuter, and Mason Enges; Wisco White was Carolyn Keck, Cabell Sitter, Brian Tobelmann, Tate Castro, and Ryan Stowe; and Wisco Pink was Tommy Groskopf, Robin Ritchey, Korbin Kierstead, and Cara Hanson. After leaving Madison around 7:30 (only an hour later than planned), the group made a stop at the ~*world’s largest*~ Culver’s and made it to Evanston pretty late. The regatta kicked off with a chilly start on Saturday morning, with everyone bundled up in their drysuits, launching their 420s off the smooth sand beach into Lake Michigan. It warmed up through the day and the wind picked up as the sun got higher, until it started to dwindle in the evening. There were a couple protests, but it was a fun and successful day overall.

    After a long day of sailing, the team was ready for an awesome dinner at Cozy Noodles, which was fun bonding time. After hanging out with the Northwestern team, who graciously hosted all of us at their house, we did some studying and ate some chicken (why not have a second dinner?).

    Wisco woke up at the crack of dawn (not actually), ready to throw down some awesome races in the amazing weather they were lucky enough to be ~*blessed*~ with… 60 and sunny in November? Pinch me plz. Because it was a championship regatta, we were able to get a few more sets in than normal on Sunday; A fleet did 5 sets on Saturday and 7 on Sunday, and B fleet did 6 sets each day. Wisco finished off the weekend successfully with Red in 1st, White in 6th, and Pink in 2nd, of the 14 teams total (which included Northwestern, Minnesota, Michigan, Hope, Milwaukee, Michigan State, Western Michigan, Marquette, Michigan Tech, and Chicago.) We left Evanston pretty late, but made it back to Madison ready for a fun week of classes!

Match Race Qualifiers (10/24-10/25)

    It was Halloween weekend, not in Madison. The MCSA Match Race Qualifiers were being held in Detroit, Michigan at Bayview Yacht Club. After a lovely eight hour car ride with Coach Dave on Friday morning, the team arrived just in time for the practice day. This proved to be invaluable, as there were a number of kinks to be worked out on the asymmetrical U-20 before racing. The team got a good night’s sleep at the Lucido penthouse, and hit the water in the sexiest striped leggings ever seen at Bayview Yacht Club. The first four flights were sailed in 10-12 knots, but as the breeze continued to build, the race committee elected to remove spinnakers. Wisco ended up 6-2 after the first two round robins, which put them in second place going into day two. Sunday brought more breeze, and no kites once again. The semi-finals were a first to 3 points, and Wisco defeated Michigan State after 4 close races. University of Michigan also defeated Michigan Tech after 4 races, placing them in the finals with yours truly. The finals were first to two points. The first race was won by no more than 6 inches by Michigan. The Michigan team was faster on the upwinds with more weight in the boat, but Wisco was able to claw back into it on the downwinds. The second race was won by Wisco after Michigan rounded the wrong windward mark. In the third race, Wisco was able to draw a penalty in the prestart. Wisco rounded the first two marks just behind Michigan, but with the continuously building breeze, Michigan was able to execute a lee bow after the leeward mark, giving them enough space to do their penalty kill on the upwind leg. It was a close event from start to finish with some great competition and we would like to wish Michigan the best of luck representing the MCSA in Match Race Nationals. We would also like to thank the Lucidos for housing us, as well as Bayview Yacht Club, and all the volunteers that helped to run this event.

Wisco Women’s (10/31-11/1)

    With great depth of women sailors on our team, Wisco was able to fill three teams. With Wisco Red consisting of: Laura and Jen in A’s, and Whitney and Susan in B’s. In Wisco White, Kate K and Katie H were in A’s with Annie and Amelia in B fleet. In Wisco Pink Carolyn, Korina, and Cara were in A fleet with Megan, Virginia, and Robin in B fleet. Saturday started out with winds around 15 knots from the southwest, so with water temperature hovering around 50 degrees many people suited up in their dry suits, ready for a day of sailing. The races got off right on time, with 8 boats on the line. As the A fleet came in from their first set, the wind started to build and steadily shift towards the Northwest. At the end of Saturday, Wisco was in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The day ended early due to the winds increasing up to ~20 knots and many light pairings all around, common for all women events, many were experiencing difficulties keeping the boats upright. The regatta coordinators made the decision to call it for the day to with hopes of a little less wind the following day. We got 6 A races and 4 B races off by the end of the day on Saturday. On Sunday the weather brought light conditions out of the Northwest. We sailed 3 B races and 1 A race to finish off the regatta with 7 races in each fleet. At the end of Sunday, Wisco Red took 1st overall with Wisco White in 2nd and Wisco Pink in 3rd.  Overall it was a great weekend of sailing. We would like to thank our race committee, Phil Morley for coming on Saturday, and Terry and Patty McMahon for helping on Sunday. Also thanks to our judges Dennis Bartley, Fields Gunset, Dave Gorowitz, and Mark Johnson. We appreciate all the support our fellow sailors give to the team, it would not be possible to run such a successful regatta without them. We would also like to thank Minnesota, Northwestern, Michigan, Iowa and Ohio State for making the trip to Madison, making the weekend a lot of fun and an opportunity to continue strengthening the MCSA.

Truxton Umstead Memorial (10/17-10/18)

On October 17th and 18th, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Sailing Team competed in the Truxtun Umsted in Annapolis, Maryland. This was a four divisional regatta, consisting of 420s, FJs, Laser full rigs, and Laser radials. Picturesque conditions set the stage for a great day of racing. Winds blew from the Northwest at 8-14 knots, allowing for a total of 10 races to be completed in each divisions. Skippering the 420 was senior Laura Wefer with crew Jennifer Burke. The pair of seniors produced four top five finishes, winning race five. Skippers Charles Bocklet and Kate Klement split time skippering the FJ, with Katie Hall crewing for both. Sailing the Laser full rig was freshman skipper Korbin Kierstead, and sailing the Laser radial was national qualifier Leslie Poole. With little practice, the two managed to hold their own in the very competitive single hand fleets. After completion of the first day, the Badgers sat in 14th out of 19. After a long day of sailing, the team was starved, and collectively decided to take advantage of Annapolis’ famous seafood. Out of all the great restaurants, the Badgers somehow managed to choose to eat at an old run down crab shack attached to a liquor store that had two flat screen TV’s both broken, a soda machine that was not operational, and plastic silverware that broke upon use. The team, at no surprise, made the most out of the night, building lasting friendships and even scoring free pitchers of beer. After engineering a way for eight sailors to sleep in one small hotel room, the team made the trip back to the Naval Academy for the second and final day of racing. Shifty Northwest breeze for the final day of racing along with gusts up to 18 knots made conditions very difficult. The second day of racing did not go as well as the first day, but the Badgers managed to cap off some nice finishes. Korbin Kierstead produced a 4th, 6th and 8th place finish in the laser, clearly showing the fleet he has potential in the future. Kate Klement, skippering the 420 for the day won the start on race 13, and bolstered a 2nd place finish, sailing far ahead of the rest of the fleet. A total of 18 races were produced throughout the two day regatta. When all was said and done the Badgers ended up losing a tiebreaker to Cornell, finishing 17th overall. There was a lot to be learned sailing against some of the best competition in the country and we look forward to improving next year.

Streufert Cup (10/17-10/18)

        Wisco Sailing sent 4 teams, totaling 26 sailors, to the Struefert Team Racing Regatta this weekend, October 17th and 18th. After sleeping at some cozy U of M sailor’s cribs, all the teams headed to the Wayzetta Community Sailing Center on a brisk Saturday morning. With minuscule ripples on the water, the first six teams sailing embarked to the course. After waiting for the wind to fill in and come out of a consistent direction, the racing began. There was a good showing of MCSA teams this year as Marquette, University of Milwaukee, and new kids on the block, Iowa State, made the trip to what in the recent past has just been a Wisco/Gophers affair. Light and shifty wind conditions made for difficult sailing and a stressful day on the water for the race committee. A small postponement at around 11:30 am gave some sailors an opportunity to change out of their dry suits and into spray gear as the sun came out and temperatures rose. Once the wind found a consistent direction the fleet geared up to head out onto the race course and get back at it. As it got later into the afternoon, the wind decided to shut off once again. After some questionable races, we ended the day at about 4:30 with a total of 23 races and a tie for first between Wisco 2 and Gophers 1, both sitting at 6-0. To end the long day of sailing the entire team, along with other Minnesotan parents, met at Ian Norman’s parents house where there was, what some might consider, a feast awaiting us. The night entailed some great food as well as an awesome bonfire which involved some solid sailing team sing-alongs. Thanks to the numerous amounts of generous parents, many sailors were able to sleep in a cozy bed or a couch at the least.

With a hardy breakfast the well rested UW Madison sailors hoped into the fleet cars and headed back to regatta head quarters. Arriving 15 minutes ahead of report time we helped the Minnesota sailors rig their z420s in an effort to make sure everything was running on schedule so we could push races and get the most out of our Sunday on the water. After the final flights of Round 1, wrapped up Gophers 1 was in first(7-0), Wisco 1 in second(6-0), and Wisco 2 in third(5-2). These results would not hold though as there was a looming protest between Wisco 2 and Gophers 1 over the first race of the day that would shift the balance of the universe as we know it. Elliot Busta was protesting one of the Minnesota boats over a simple starboard/port incident at the finish, in Wisco 2’s loss to Minnesota, the Minnesota boat had failed to spin. After an extremely long hearing, Wisco 2 won the protest and Minnesota was thrown out of that race. The end result was a 3 way tie for first between Wisco 1, Wisco 2, and Gopher 1 with no head to head winner. This meant that there would be a sail-off to break the tie. The teams drew for boats and went back out on the water. The first race was between Wisco 1 and Gopher 1 which Wisco 1 took with a comfortable 1-2-6. Race two was between Wisco 2 and Gopher 1. This race was a little more back and forth but Wisco 2 was able to also finish with a 1-2-6. That meant that Gopher 1 took 3rd overall and first place would be decided by the final race between Wisco 1 and Wisco 2. Wisco 1 ended up coming out on top wining the whole regatta.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Many sailors were able to see their parents, good food was eaten, and good races were sailed. Thank you again to all of the parents and Wisco friends for the wonderful food and sleeping quarters.

Navy Women’s Fall (10/10-10/11)

    On Friday, October 9th the Honey Badgers set off on their adventure towards the United States Naval Academy for the annual Navy Fall Women’s regatta. On route, the ladies fueled themselves with coffee and (much too large) servings of Summit Diner meals before becoming one of fifteen teams stocked with tough competition. Our Honey Badgers consisted of Laura Wefer and Jen Burke in A’s, Kate Klement and Katie Hall/Amelia Shankwitz in B’s, and rookie laser sailor Andrea Sullivan in the radial.

Day one pushed the sailors through the frustration of sailing around trapezoid courses with puffy and extremely flukey conditions out of the northeast. Although circumstances deemed to be less than ideal, the badgers pulled through. Laura and Jen started off strong with a set of 3, 3, and a bullet. Kate and Katie were also up front with a 3 in the first set and a bullet in the second set. Andrea proved to be competitive in her division of experienced laser sailors with strong finishes of a 3 in the first set and a 4 in the second. Spirits were high and only going uphill when an over-excited Amelia sacrificed herself for Laura and Jen’s 420 and took a dip into the basin. After a couple of sets and a few snack breaks later, the sailors launched for their last set of the day. The breeze was down and the chop was up as they floated out in front of the Naval Academy. Multiple races were started and then abandoned as the PRO realized that there was literally no wind. Still though, they sent everyone out deeper into the harbor in hopes of getting off just a few more races. Unfortunately, the radials weren’t successful and were sent in early while the A and B divisions drifted across the finish line in minimal breeze.

The second day looked promising as the squad of Honey Badgers rolled up. Light, yet steady looking conditions out of the north were in sight as all sailors pushed off the docks. Sadly, they sailed out only to realize that the wind would shut off right after the start of the first race. The regatta was put under postponement. A few hours later, a south breeze unexpectedly filled and they were sent out for a second time. The radials sailed four races and the A and B divisions sailed three to finish off the 2015 Navy Fall Women’s regatta. The Honey Badgers left with an 11th place and success all around the board as they started their trek back to Madison.

Davis Cup (10/10-10/11)

   Wisconsin attended the Davis Cup on the 10th and 11th of October with two teams Wisco Red (one) and White (two). Wisco Red consisted of Tom Groskopf, Chris Haisch, Scott Sullivan, and Susan Luo. Wisco White was made up of Katy Zimmerman, Liz Ciborowski, Connor Sawyers, Jake Siegel, Alex Campbell and Mills Botham. Saturday morning dawned crisp and cool on Lake Macbride with light breeze out of the South. Other teams in attendance included two from University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, Washington University, UW Milwaukee, and the hosts, University of Iowa. After a short skippers meeting, the A fleet took to the water with 8 boats on the line at 9:30. Encountering a heavily left favored course and shifty winds, Wisco 1 took an early lead which they held through the rest of the regatta. Wisco two fought furiously with Minnesota one, chasing points in both the A and B fleets. Collectively, three sets went off for both A and B fleets, adding up to six races. The standings at the end of the Day were Wisco one in the lead, well ahead of Minnesota one in second, with Wisco two just three points behind Minnesota.

Saturday evening involved a great deal of team bonding in the form of card games, in addition to some friendly competition with the Minnesota team. Freshman Cinco (Alex Campbell) was a standout, defeating all challengers and leading Wisco to an undisputed victory.

Sunday rose warmer and windier than Saturday, and continued to heat up as the day went on. After an excellent if somewhat odd pep talk from skipper Jake Siegel, A and B fleets both had the opportunity to sail one and a half sets, amounting to three races, and standings remained unchanged.

An excellent weekend for Wisco, with all team members walking away with at least a third place finish. Wisco one took first overall, with Wisco two in third. Wisco two also took first on the B fleet. After we discovered Mills has a proclivity for climbing trees and receiving some interesting regatta trophies we loaded up our cars and were on our way back to Madison. Big thanks from the Wisco team to Iowa for hosting.

David Lee Arnoff Trophy (10/10-10/11)

    Our trip began on a chilly Friday morning at around 6:05am. After an early morning run to Panera, our team hit the road and the twelve-hour drive consisted of many naps, lots of classic rock, a missed exit, and a competitive game of Monopoly. Despite some upset stomachs in the back row, the team made it to New York safely, and enjoyed a wonderful, home-cooked meal made by Charles Bocklet’s parents.

Our first day of racing began with about five knots of breeze, but our A team managed to get two races off before the wind disappeared. Charles Bocklet and Maggie Houtz placed fourth in the first race and middle of the pack in the second, however, their spirits were lifted after their mid-afternoon naps. The breeze clocked right in the afternoon, and almost completely died, forcing Korbin Kierstead and Elizabeth Hayes, the B team, to bob around in anticipation of the starting races. The rest of the team kept themselves busy during the wait: Charles Bocklett used the ample time between races to perfect his snapchats, Ryan Stowe took the time to study hard, Alex Blair hung out with his grandparents (who provided the team with copious amounts of food, much appreciated) and Maggie Houtz, in desperation for better conditions, exclaimed, “Can I have chai tea latte with a side of breeze?” However, Maggie’s wishes were not granted, and after being sent out 3 separate times with no completed races, the B team floated back to shore at around 4:00pm, sun-tired but optimistic for better sailing the next day. A highlight of the day was the discovery of a beautiful furry friend, Elroy the caterpillar, who hitched a ride back to Tom’s place, and managed to poop on nearly every member of team.

The evening activities included a huge dinner, a viewing of the classic film “Dirty Dancing”, sing-alongs with Alex Blair rocking the guitar, stargazing, lots of laughs, and of course, some wonderful team bonding.

On the second day, our B team went out in the morning, with breeze from the south at about 15 knots, accompanied by choppy and rolling sea state. Since the breeze was pretty consistent across the course, starts were increasingly important for the morning’s races. Because of this, Korbin Kierstead and Elizabeth Hayes had a frustrating first race after being called over early, but were able to recover and place fourth in the next race. Both A and B teams sent out their heavy crews on Sunday, giving every member of the team some time on the water. Throughout the day, however, the wind began to die, and by mid-afternoon, wind speed was down to about 10 knots and shifted 90 degrees to the right. Overall, there were several areas for our team to improve upon, i.e. ooching, avoiding marks, keeping all bodies in the boat, effective sail trim, etc, but the Badgers walked away with a ninth place finish and learned a lot from going out East!

Pere Marquette (10/3-10/4)

        Badger sailors arrived at the Milwaukee Yacht Club, very well rested, on Saturday morning to be confronted with a fierce northeastern breeze that sustained and frequently exceeded 20 mph, giving the 50 degree weather an extra bite. As members of the team frequently said, “it was windy a. f.” The waves crashing over the harbor break wall served as a testament to the force of mighty Lake Michigan. By order of the harbor master, racing was postponed until 1:00 pm. Wisco sailors decided to spend their time by educating themselves at the Milwaukee Discover Center, deepening their knowledge of fluid mechanics, and sound waves. Upon arrival back at the yacht club, sailors decided to take a group nap in the bed of the Ford F-350, strengthening their relationships with other members of the team, however, the nap was short lived…. Racers were called to launch their boats shortly after 1:00 as the wind velocity had come down a bit. A division sailors changed into their foul weather gear and launched their boats with haste, pointing their bows towards the harbor exit, sailing bravely and nobly into the unknown….
Although both Wisconsin teams spared no time getting to the course, other teams sailed with…. less haste…and took quite some time to arrive at the racecourse. That being said, Wisco sailors got in a good hour of practice before the first start sequence commenced. Wisconsin sailors had a comparative advantage, evident upon the first start, as we were one of the few teams that were actually on the starting line when the race began, giving us a considerable lead. Two races were sailed in each division, testing the limits of both the sailors and their equipment. The courses were modified windward leewards with the gate located below the start/finish line and averaged about 20 minutes each. Nature selected the heavier and flatter boats for success over the lightweight boats, which had a much more difficult time maintaining their lane on the course, or shall I say battlefield… Wisconsin sailors redefined the meaning of consistency, with each division in each team finishing in the same place throughout the day. Although only two races were sailed in each division, Wisconsin’s path for success was already being unfurled.
On the second day of the regatta, the wind velocity had come down to a pleasant 15 mph, giving some of the lightweight crews an opportunity to showcase their talent. Racing began shortly after 10:15 and continued through the afternoon until about 2:15. An additional 4 races were sailed in each division for day. Keeping the boat flat and recognizing the wind shifts in the relatively flat water were crucial components to performing well. The regatta proved to stretch the capabilities and resources of all, including the regatta staff. This required one of our own, Soren Hughes, to accept his call to action by driving the pontoon that rotated the A and B division sailors to and from shore. All in all, Badgers 2 claimed first place and Badgers 1 took second place for the regatta, leaving Minnesota in our wake to accept 3rd place.

Timme Angsten (9/26-9/27)

    The weekend of September 26th and 27th saw eight brave sailors from the great University of Wisconsin embark on a trip to Chicago for the Timme Angsten regatta. The regatta decided to break its tradition of taking place in early November and elected to swap dry suits for bikinis and beanies for ball caps. The Honey Badgers (the women’s team) was led by skipper Amelia Shankwitz and crew Korina Hendricks in A division while Katy Zimmerman and Emily Anaya led the charge in B division. Competing along side the Honey Badgers was the Coeds team composed of Soren Walljasper with crew Caya McFalls in A division and Charlie Kutschenreuter with crew Tate Castro representing in B division.

The regatta began the morning of the 26th and to the dismay of all the sailors in attendance, the regatta had decided that they would not be serving any meals during the regatta. This was a large changeup for the regatta which had been known for serving the best food in the MCSA and required the Badgers to make an impromptu run to the grocery store in order to keep the competitors fueled up for a long day of racing. The weather could not have been better for fall sailing with sunny skies and warm temperatures, but one thing was missing…the wind! The first day brought large waves and little wind which in turn lead to frustration for many of the sailors. The Badgers were able to adapt however to conditions drastically different from their stomping grounds of Lake Mendota and were in 2nd and 3rd overall respectively after day one. Washington University took advantage of the Badgers early struggles to place themselves in first.

The second day brought calmer seas but lighter breeze early in the day. Only two races were completed by the time noon came around and the outlook for anymore sailing was bleak until Michigan decided to perform a wind dance, and wouldn’t you know it, a gorgeous breeze filled from the south and four more races were sailed. The Badgers were unable to catch Washington University but cemented themselves solidly into 2nd and 3rd with another strong day of sailing for everyone. In the end the Badgers edged out the Honey Badgers by the skin of their teeth, a mere 4 points after having sailed eighteen races. Different from previous years, the regatta had decided no trophies were to be given. So, with no need to wait for an awards ceremony, Wisco packed up their cars and headed home.

All in all, the regatta brought trying conditions but great sailing from everybody on the team. The overall level of competition was fantastic for a Midwest regatta and everyone had a blast. Thank you to Chicago Yacht Club for hosting this event. Everyone had a lot of fun and were faced opportunities to grow, with conditions much different from those sailed on Lake Mendota.

Stu Nelson Women’s (9/19-9/20)

    A team of Wisco women competed in the Stu Nelson Trophy Regatta at Connecticut College on September 9th-10th. This was an ISCA event sailed in FJs with teams from MAISA, NEISA, SAISA, SEISA and Wisco was the only team from the MCSA. Laura Wefer, and Jen Burke sailed A division with Whitney Kent at the ready, giving wisdom from the shore when she could. Andrea Sullivan, Carolyn Keck, Katie Hall, and Amelia Shankwitz sailed B Division. We arrived late Friday night after 13 hours of driving and briefly getting lost in Pennsylvania in search of Panera. Since none of us know a single person in Connecticut, we stayed at a Days Inn.

    On Saturday the start was postponed until 11:00am, due to lack of breeze and some intense fog. A few members of the team took this time to go on a historical hike through the forest only to find a few boulders. When the wind picked up it was quite shifty (the racing area was on the Thames River) at about 8knots with current playing a small role in the racing. Wefer and Burke started the regatta off strong with 2nd and 1st place race finishes in the very first set.

    Sunday brought more breeze at around 11 knots and the oscillating wind shifts continued. Racing wrapped up at 3:00 p.m. and the ladies piled back in the van for the long drive home. This was Andrea Sullivan and Carolyn Keck’s first ICSA regatta and it was a great experience for to learn a lot. The team placed 11th overall and Wefer and Burke placed 5th in A’s.

Fall Fury (9/12-9/13)

         Wisconsin hosted the annual Fall Fury regatta on September 12-13, with schools such as Minnesota, Notre Dame, Iowa, Northwestern, and Marquette showing up to race.  Because of the last-minute flakiness of a certain MCSA team, Wisconsin was able to get it together and spontaneously create a second women’s berth, and the Wisco sailors, along with their energetic and well-rested teammates, arrived at the lakefront promptly at 7:30 on a particularly brisk fall morning.  The first Wisco team was made up of Charles Bocklet, Korbin Kierstead, Korina Hendricks, Mason Engnes, and Emily Anaya in A division and Soren Walljasper, Charlie Kutschenreuter, Cara Hanson, and Ryan Stowe in B division, with Caya McFalls and Korina Hendricks participating in both divisions.  The Women’s team was comprised of Whitney Kent and Maggie Houtz in A’s and Carolyn Keck and Amelia Shankwitz in B’s.

    After a decent amount of coffee, confusion with the rotations, and concern for Megan’s immediate health and well-being, the sailors went out to tackle the “tricky” (read: highly frustrating) conditions on Lake Mendota.  The sailors dealt with inconsistent Northern breeze, oscillating shifts, interesting course dynamics, and unpredictable chop everywhere and at all times.  After refueling with pizza between sets, the sailors tackled the afternoon with determination in their eyes and some slightly questionable food in their bellies.  Despite the strange conditions, both Wisconsin teams sailed well, ending the day in a solid first place and the Honey Badgers in second.

    The second day dawned bright, early, and slightly warmer than Saturday with flat water and south-westerly wind.  After a few sailors were switched in and rosters were modified, all the Wisco sailors took to the water with one goal: to reign victorious over Minnesota.  It was a tough battle due to extremely shifty wind (i.e. back to back auto-tacks up by the windward mark) and the pin about ten nautical miles above the boat…which was awesome about half the time.  The day was summed up pretty well by Elizabeth Hayes, a member of Sunday’s race committee, who said “It shifted left gradually but then would come back and then it shifted right HARDCORE and then left again but went right by the mark then it died and then finally came back.”  However, thanks to some smart tactical decisions (blind faith that the left would fill in), an impressive performance from our freshmen (Carolyn Keck, Korbin Kierstead, and Charlie Kutschenreuter all skippered their first collegiate bullet this weekend!), and improved boat handling by all, the Wisconsin sailors achieved their goal.  Races were concluded around 3:00 and all sailors were off the water by 3:30, with each division sailing five races on Sunday.

    Throughout all of Fall Fury, all competitors dealt with the challenging conditions with grace and composure, but Wisconsin was triumphant, ending the regatta with Wisco 1 in first place and Wisco 2 in second, closely followed by Minnesota.  Thanks to Coach Dave, Cappy Capper, and Geoff Pedrick for being great judges and to Claire Dennis and Kirsten Reeser for running an awesome regatta as PROs!